Beautiful Birthday Cake With Text Online


*Generate a beautiful cake image, with name on it.

According to the history, the birthdays date back to ancient Egypt, when pharaoh’s coronation date was considered to be their birth date.

Greeks presented a moon shaped cake to their god Artemis and added candles on the cake to add a glowing effect. Romans used to celebrate birthdays for only men and women were not allowed to celebrate the day of their birth until the 12th century. Now almost everyone celebrates birthdays to make special memories to cherish.

Birthday- the day when you were born. It is the day when you came into this world so why not to celebrate this occasion.

Many people say that they don’t consider celebrating birthdays. It may be true, but it is also a fact that everyone expects to get the best wishes on birthday irrespective of the age. So, it is your loved one’s birthday then make it extra special by sending a beautiful birthday cake with text online.

We all are breathing in the technological era where everyone uses smartphones and internet. People check their phones immediately after waking up on their birthdays to check who has wished them on their special day. So surprise your loved one in a new way by sending a beautiful birthday cake with the name on it.

Write Text On Birthday Cake:

We are giving a collection of some wonderful birthday cakes here with a new feature to add text on it. You can write greetings, name or birthday wishes on the cake and send it to your loved one. No matter it is your girlfriend or best friend’s birthday a beautiful cake image with special words written on it will surely make him/her happy.

So, bring a beautiful smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face by choosing an amazing birthday cake.